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"This girl in my class looks exactly like princess fiona what should i do?"

go talk to her, offer to buy her an onion

Leaked cover art for Doom 4

"I have recently been converted to a Brogre and have devoted the months of my life to the Ogrelord. I have been pleased to incorporate Shrek into my daily lifestyle. I have not included onions yet. What type of onions work best to repel Farquaads?"

the more layers it has the more effective it’ll be



This we hold to be true: First there was The Light. Then there was The Prism. And The Prism shattered The Light into innumerable layers of colour and sound.


a shrine to our god

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I think we can all relate to this

The Nintendo wifi severs have been discontinued as of today, this means there’ll be no more online multiplayer for Shrek Smash ‘n’ Crash Racing DS


apologies for my inactivity recently, gotta finish some exams first before I can find the time to make posts again

"There has been a bug eating up my onion garden, is this the evil doings of drek? ):"

No, it’s those losers from the Pixar’s A Bugs Life fandom trying to annoy Brogres and Dreamworks Animation fans, I think they’re just pissed off because Antz was a superior film

Dreamworks should have made a Shrek prequel to come out in 2013 so for the second time we could have witnessed Shrek’s godly powers dominate ogre Pixar’s Monsters University, just like it did with Monsters Inc back in 2001 (in terms of success)